Who is Cannon Insurance Services?

At our company, we love hearing about our consumers, but you may be wondering who we are. Meet our owner and get to know what makes him tick. At our company, we treat everyone like family!

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Compare Insurance Quotes with Cannon Insurance Services

Navigating the specifics of auto and home insurance may feel like a daunting task, which is why your Austin, TX insurance agents are here to help. At Cannon Insurance Services, our independent agents can answer all of your questions about policies and get you comparative quotes from many of the top insurance carriers. That way, you can get the policy you need for a price that works.

Design Your Ideal Auto Insurance Policy

Texas law sets out the minimum auto insurance coverage you need, but most drivers choose to go beyond the minimum. In addition to purchasing expanded liability coverage to protect your assets if you get in a large collision, you also may want coverage to pay for repairs to your own car. Comprehensive and collision coverage can save you from paying for expensive repairs out of pocket.

Protect Your Home and Belongings with Home Insurance

Natural disasters, fire, theft, and vandalism are just a few of incidents that may be covered by a home insurance policy. All homeowners should carry insurance on both the physical property and their belongings, whereas renters can just carry insurance to cover replacement of belongings. Home insurance also may cover liability for injuries that occur on your property.

Compare Quotes Online to Help Choose Your Policy

Whether you are looking for insurance for your home or vehicle, Cannon Insurance Services can provide quick and easy quotes to help you select the policy for your budget. As an independent agency, we have access to quotes from many of the top carriers in Texas so you don't have to contact each one individually. Once you see your online quotes, compare them to determine what policy you want to purchase.